Authorized Ritchie Compass Repair Station - All Ritchie makes and models

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To comply with the International Marine Organization (IMO) and the American Water Ways Carriers Association and Responsible Carrier Program (RCP), magnetic compasses are required to be adjusted annually. Young's Maritime fulfills this requirement by evaluating, adjusting and repairing any size compass with professional precision. We are also an authorized service station for Ritchie Compass. The compasses are completely refurbished, and the work is guaranteed. Most Ritchie compasses can be repaired for under $100.00. Please call or email for a quote.

Scroll down to see a list of the Ritchie models we currently service and repair.

We service:

  • Fishing Vessels
  • Tugboats
  • Ships
  • Yachts
  • Recreational Vessels

For compass repairs please send your compass to:
For UPS or FedEx:
Young's Maritime Services
311 Pick Pocket Rd.
East Wakefield, NH 03830
Young's Maritime Services
PO Box 540
East Wakefield, NH 03830

Please allow a minimum of 4-6 business days plus shipping on your repairs.
If you're not satisfied with the product, please return within 30 days of receiving for a refund.

Magnetic Compass Adjusting

Recommended When:
  • Compass Accuracy is in Doubt
  • After a Lightning Strike
  • Welding or Installation of Equipment Around or Near the Compass
  • Vessel Has Been Laid Up 6 Months or More
We service:
  • Boats Large or Small
  • Recreational Vessels
  • Tugs
  • Yachts
  • Ships
We Help Keep Your Vessel Maintained Properly With Our Following Services:
  • Professional Compass Calibration
  • Compass Repair
  • Guaranteed Service
  • Save Time and Money Dealing with One Professional

Compass Repair and Installment

Ritchie Parts & Service for the following compasses:
  • Explorer: B-51, RA-91, RA-93, S-53, D-55, F-50, V-57, V-57W, S-58W, S-59, V-527, V-537, V-537W, V-537B
  • Voyager: RV-90, B-81, F-83, D-85, F-83W, S-87, S-87W, D-84
  • Helmsman: HB-71, HD-75, HB-70, HB-85, HD-74, SS-1100, HF-73, HF-73W, HF-79, HR-79G, HR-79W, HF-72, HF-72S, SS-1000, SS-1000W, HF-72W, HV-76, HV-77, HB-740, HB-741, HB-845, HD-744, HD-745, HF-742, HF-743, HF-742W, HF-743W, SS-1002, SS-1002W
  • Navigator: FN-203, FNW-203, FN-201, FNW-201, SS-2000, SS-2000W, DNB-203, DNP-203, DNW-203
  • Globemaster 5": 515-EP, D-515-EP, 515-P, D-515-P, 515-DX, D515-X, D-5-5-B, 515-EB, D-515-EB, 515-B, D-515-B, D-5-5-C, D-5-5-x, 515-EX, D-515-EX, SP-5, DR-5, SS-5100, B-453, C-453, B-500, F-500, FD-500-EB, FD-500-EP, FD-500-EX, FD-500-B, FD-500-P, FD-500-X, SF-500, FB-500, SB-500, SS-5000, SS-5000W, YB-500
  • Globemaster 6": 615-P, 615-B, 615-EB, D-615-P, D-615-B, D-615-EP, D-615-EB, 615-X, 615-EX, D-615-X, D-615-EX, D-6-5-B, D-6-5-C, D-6-5-X, B-463, C-463, FD-600-EB, FD-600-B, FD-600-EP, FD-600-P, FD-600-EX, FD-600-X, F-600, SF-600, YB-600
  • Danforth: All Constellation, Aquameter, Gemini Models